Monday, January 30, 2012


I came from the future, endlessly bright
Into the darkness without any light
In future time my dreams came true
But day by day I was waiting for you

I lost my faith and wanted to cry
On the wings of an angel I learned to fly
A softly voice was heard from far
Told me a tale about a star

In darkest time there was a way
To brightest place where I could stay
All days of tomorrow are so far behind
Since you brought the sunshine back to my mind

© planet4katy

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Leaving a planet a moon and a star
Where love has grown, don’t want to be far
The longest night will come to stay
Don’t cry, I will return some day

Stars stopped from shining, clocks are standing still
In empty surroundings I’m feeling weak and ill
See your face on the screen with a smile so kind
But only your heartbeat can clear up my mind

I’m thinking of a living place
The truth is, I’m alone in space
I remember the time you crossed my way
Like sunshine on a rainy day

Cross over the border where time once began
Teardrops are falling, can’t be a brave man
Colors are dancing like bubbles in air
Feelings are jumping like kids free and fair

In times of tomorrow I left paradise
All loved ones in sorrow, told me I’m unwise
The darkness comes back and the stars don’t care
Just feeling homesick, I want to be there

I’m thinking of a living place
The truth is, I’m alone in space
I remember the time you crossed my way
Like sunshine on a rainy day

Time doesn’t matter when leaving the space
To a pleasant world over without any pace
Where magic is reality and love is always true
I'll take the greatest dream of all and bring it home to you

© planet4katy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Magical Love

Why are you crying my tiny cloud?
Let us be friends, would be so proud
Please take me up into the blue
I’d like to share a dream with you

It was in early summertime
First kiss and all her love was mine
Climbing up the highest tree
Together we were wild and free

In teacher’s view it was unwise
To build up a new paradise
We were so young and didn’t care
The last detention wasn’t fair

Forgotten was the teacher’s speech
While we walked down to Lover’s beach
When ocean touched the summer sun
Our hearts were beating just as one

The years rushed by just like an hour
Each minute was a lovely flower
I close my eyes and call her name
Magical love, you’re still the same

© planet4katy

Monday, January 16, 2012

Parting on a Sunday

Sitting in the early starship on Sunday afternoon
Cross over endless universe to a planet and a moon
They said I’ll find the greatest star, but it’s not what I seek
Want to be back late in the morning on Saturday last week

That star is really magical, creating life by light
But then I found a dreamlike heart shining day and night
I saw bright eyes, must be the icons for all the stars above

Made me forget the world around, the people call it “LOVE”

I woke up at the midnight hour and saw my dreams come true

Pale moonlight touched us when she said “I think I love you too”
When the moon kissed the morning, we sent two kisses back
And the starship was leaving for the final trek

 © planet4katy