Friday, February 17, 2012

Melika’s Night

Feeling sad, don't know the reason
Lovely dreams are hard to find
A rainy day in summer season
The desert's emptiness in mind

Born in the dale of desperation
It is a blue mysterious night
The noise of war across the nation
It stops before the morning light

Her lovely heart is like a flower
Center of the paradise
Silvery stars, like magic power
The glitter in an angel's eyes

The desert won't be longer dry
Weapons stand still forever
A dreaming heart can't truly die
Peace will be now or never

© planet4katy

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Friendly Heart

I'm looking for a star so bright
Sending to my love the light
Her friendly heart I found one day
So long ago, so far away

I never tried to tell the truth
Was so afraid that I could lose
A friendship worth more than the gold
Without it life would be so cold

Some day I'll turn back time and then
I wait for her where love began
Tell to the world just what I feel
To show my love because it’s real

© planet4katy

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Melika’s Love

Mesmerized by angels starlight
I’m touching green fields of the moon
Dark eyes, with an appearance so bright
The greatest love is coming soon

Waiting for you the time stops running
You’re more than an amazing dream
Graceful and forever stunning
Just like the real homecoming queen

Love in the universe is growing
Melika you can read my mind
Magical night, your heart is glowing
Warmest place that I could find

Teach me the way that you are walking
And let us share a day or two
Whatever people will be talking
Our love of tenderness is true

© planet4katy