Friday, October 5, 2012

Melika's Dream

10 billion light years through the space
The starlight shines on any place
A diamond reflecting from far away
It's just a dream of yesterday

Some lights of tomorrow sailing along
They are in a hurry since something went wrong

The light of a red star is making them fast
Gaping wide open is a gate to the past

Melika is dreaming to get a real chance
In universe screaming without any fence
The world is turning around and around
A planet is burning, love cannot be found

An angel’s voice is praying next day
A heart makes a choice and takes the right way
Thanks to the red light when passing the gate
Preparing for dark site, it can be too late

Rain is falling, the sun isn’t seen
People are calling for fields fresh and green
A new light is rising from far away
The planet is praising a brand new day

Children are playing in a world of love
Trusting in rules from high above
Warm summer wind blows over the land
Melika’s dream will never end

© planet4katy 

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